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Safety Devices, EZ-Lift Backboard

Safety Devices, EZ-Lift Backboard

Finally a Safer Way to Lift Patients.

EZ Lift Rescue System, a critical component of any EMS injury reduction program.

The Problem

The only occupation that has a similar worker injury profile to EMS is professional football. Back injuries are exceedingly common as a result of lifting and moving patients. Injuries are a result of cumulative smaller injuries. Every time a patient is picked up off the ground or loaded into an ambulance the responders back moves closer to a failure point. That point cost the employer over $18,000 per incident. Reducing back injuries is good for your employees, your department and your budget.

The Solution

A comprehensive injury reduction program includes the use of Power Cots, Power Loaders, Stair Chairs, Patient Sliders and the EZ Lift Rescue System. Together these products reduce back injuries and the associated financial and human costs. Don’t use a conventional backboard to pick up a patient that injures your back to place the patient on your Power Cot. You have defeated the purpose of owning a Power Cot.

Power Cots are heavier and present problems getting close to patients. We recommend using Stair Chairs to move sitting patient and EZ Lift to move supine patient to your Power Cot.

Many workers compensation carriers and State risk pools provide funding for product like the EZ Lift Rescue System