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Pyton ET Tube Cuff Pressure Manager

Pyton ET Tube Cuff Pressure Manager

The Pyton ET Tube Cuff Pressure Manager is the only device of its kind.  Pyton manages the cuff where other devices either tell you the pressure in the cuff or inflate the cuff to a set pressure.  Pyton puts air in the cuff when it needs it, and it releases pressure in the cuff when it need it.

Cuff pressures vary from time to time during the day due to position changes, stress reaction to pain, or even due to healing.  As these changes occur, only the Pyton unit can manages the pressure throughout.  Never worry about pressure again.

If documentation is needed the Pyton unit has a USB output that can feed your documentation system for linking to the patient record or just to monitor changes.

Battery operation allows for transport to and from other units or care areas like MRI, Radiology.  For an in-house demonstration of the technology call 615-859-2337

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