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Allied XTRA Xray Translucent Rigid Affordable Backboard

Allied XTRA Xray Translucent Rigid Affordable Backboard

The XTRA backboard is one of the most

significant developments in patient transport. For several years, many backboards have been designed on the basis of x-ray translucence (radio-transparency) instead of rigidity, at the expense of patient safety. XTRA has been designed to provide the ultimate in x-ray translucence with the rigidity that is needed to protect the patient from further injury.

At 71" long x 15.75" wide x 1.85" deep, and weighing just 15 pounds, XTRA fits into standard storage areas and is easily carried to the patient. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting, while the construction of the XTRA prevents the intrusion of liquids into the board. XTRA will float an adult, and has been tested to loads in excess of 1,000 pounds without breaking.

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