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Neotech Cell Wipes and Cell Shield

Neotech Cell Wipes and Cell Shield

Neotech Cell Shield™ and Neotech Cell Wipes
Cell Phone and Mobile Device Cover

Helps to keep cell phones and other mobile devices clean
• Touch, talk, swipe and take pictures right through the clear cover
• Disposable
• Cover is environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• Ready to use dispenser box
• Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP

Cat No. Item Qty/Unit
N15001 Cell Shield 1000/box
N15050 Cell Shield Travel Pack 50/box
N15250 Cell Wipe 1000/case*
*4 boxes of 250
N15100 Combo Pack 100ea/box**
**100 Cell Shields & 100 Cell Wipes
N15900 Acrylic Housing (no product) 1/box
N15111 Starter Pack 1/box†
† Includes Housing, 1 box Cell Shield (1000),
1 box Cell Wipe (250)