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Small Beginnings Cuddle Buns Diapers

Small Beginnings Cuddle Buns Diapers

The Cuddle Bins Diapers are the most developmentally designed diapers available. The small crotch is what makes them so special.  The pads are a figure eight shape.  Others claim a figure eight design but all are rectangle pads.

  • No Exposed plastic that can stick to a baby's skin.
  • Hook and Loop fasteners instead of tape
  • A Crotch small enough to prevent abduction
  • Double elastic prevents leaks
  • One Way liner to keep baby dry
  • No gel so urine specimen can be obtained from diaper without tainting the specimen
  • Cut out to keep diaper away from Umbilical lines
  • Packaged 360 per box
  • 3 sizes available